What We Do

Carapac takes waste crustacean shells and make sustainable plastic alternative packaging

Keep it Shrimple

Carapac is sourcing crab, shrimp, prawn, and lobster shells locally from frozen food facilities who are currently throwing away those shells in landfill.

Roughly 8.1 Million tons of this crustacean shell waste is generated every year in Asia Pacific.


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Carapac has developed a world leading zero-waste sustainable method to break down these crustacean shells.


Carapac has developed the technology to make sustainable soft plastic alternatives you can trust, out of crustacean shell waste.

Our founders have a passion for the plastic problem and strayed away from what was already available in the market in search of a product with a short breakdown time. Our mission to find a more sustainable material base led us to crustacean shells, an abundant, nutrient rich waste source. Frozen food processing plants across the Asia-Pacific region cumulatively produce 8.1 million tons of crustacean waste per year, leading us to confidently say there is enough supply to meet growing demand.

This enabled Carapac to develop a packaging material derived from the chitosan contained in crustacean skeletons as a truly biodegradable alternative to plastic packaging. 

A packaging that fully breaks down within 90 days.


Carapac is developing a soft plastic alternative.  

Our team is working to align our product developments and market analysis in order to find product applications that will have the most impact. Throughout our product product development, we have spoke to 100s of farmers, horticultural groups, government representatives, and agricultural groups that exposed us to their struggles and shortcomings in the packaging market. 


As more and more people are hearing about us, we are receiving product requests from different industries.


Carapac’s current focus is on snack packaging, herb sleeves, meal kit packaging and camping/outdoor lifestyle applications.


Just when we thought we couldn’t love a bucket of prawns on a sunny day any more, we were wrong.



We call our material the first negative waste material, which is a step up from zero waste.

 We use a waste product and make it into valuable sustainable packaging and at the end of the packaging’s useful life one can use our material as a slow release fertiliser which is in itself valuable. Therefore we create a net negative waste in the overall waste system. and make a positive Impact in doing so.


Carapac products are not currently available for purchase yet but we are working hard to get Carapac to you as soon as we can! 

We have spent the last year focusing on product development are scaling manufacturing. We are in conversations with manufacturers and will begin product testing over the next few months depending on the current global climate.

If you are interested in using the material please contact us at kimberly@carapac.co.