Meet the Team


Kimberly Bolton - CEO

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Kimberly developed a deep respect and appreciation for the environment early on. Having so much exposure to South African wildlife all of her life allowed her to see how beautiful our world can be and how the environmental troubles we are facing can impact that beauty in an instant. She was interested in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability early on leading her to study Economics and Environmental Sciences at the University of Cape Town and further a Master in Business Sustainability at The University of Sydney. Everything fell into place when her group won the University’s ‘Inventing the Future Program’, allowing her to create a practical solution for the plastic problem and turn this into a company. Now Co-Founder and CEO at Carapac, Kimberly aims to tackle the plastic problem head on and change the world of packaging with this wonderful product. She hopes generations after her will be able to enjoy the coastal walks and swims she loves so much!


Emma Huyhn - Chemical Engineer

Coming from a Vietnamese, Chinese and Australian background, Emma views the world from many different lenses. Having an affinity for data analytics and solving the world’s problems through logic, Emma loves how chemistry and physics creates everything around us. Emma avidly keeps up every current event imaginable, arguably making her the Australia’s best trivia partner. She studied chemical and biomolecular engineering, altMBA from Seth Godin that led her to a varied background in property, construction management, mining. Emma aims to understand the world around her and work towards making those industries more sustainable and accessible.


Hannah Feringa - Head of Engagement


Originally Dutch Australian, Hannah was given the opportunity to live across different countries growing up, exposing her to many different cultures and continents. This sparked a curiosity for the world around her and led her to the world of hospitality. Studying Hospitality and Environmental Analysis and Policy at Boston University, Hannah is passionate about combining the elements of hospitality; food, beverage, stays and travel with sustainability, leading her to Carapac. With a background in hotel operations and event sales, she is looking to grow awareness around sustainability and communicate the solution. You’ll find her doing field research in Sydney’s national parks and beaches in her spare time.