Taronga’s Hatch Accelerator Winner Carapac Is Changing The World Of Packaging

Carapac CEO Kimberly Bolton is the grant winner for the 2021 Hatch Taronga Accelerator Programme and was praised for her valuable work focusing on packaging materials, made from crustacean shell waste, to replace harmful single use plastic packaging.

Rabobank Unveils 45 Startups to Partcipate in FoodBytes! Pitch 2020

'Startups selected to participate in Rabobank’s virtual FoodBytes! Pitch competition this fall provide a neat snapshot into trending topics in food and agriculture, from alternative proteins and upcycled ingredients, to edible cutlery, relaxation beverages, b2b e-commerce, and regenerative agriculture.' Food Navigator Asia - https://www.foodnavigator-asia.com/Article/2020/10/07/FoodBytes!-Pitch-2020-Low-GI-and-plant-based-APAC-food-firms-amongst-top-finalists
October 2020

Can Lobsters Be The Answer To The World’s Plastic Problem?

'Carapac took to the ocean to discover a sustainable solution to eradicate the problem of plastic pollution and discovered the answers came from lobster shells. Here, Kimberly Bolton, co-founder of the female-led team shares their story.'
September 2020

Female Led Carapac Is Changing The World Of Packaging Without Plastic

'Kimberly leads her company under the mantra ‘Do Good Every Step of the Way’, through business operations, leadership and community involvement. She empowers her now all female team to take initiative, question the norm and bring any and everything to the table.'
July 2020

Carapac Crustacean-Based Packaging

'Focusing on soft plastic applications — such as fresh food punnets, packaging pouches, cling film, cutlery bags, bin liners and poly bags — Carapac products have a quick breakdown timeline and are an abundant and nutrient-rich waste source.'
July 2020

Shrimple Solution - Packaging Made from Custacean Waste

'Prawn punnets and crab cling wrap could soon be a reality thanks to three young entrepreneurs who chose to tackle the fight against plastic packaging.'
February 2020

'Waste Negative' - Single Use Alternative to Plastic

'An Australian start-up has developed a biodegradable alternative to plastic food packaging produced from the chitin and cellulose contained in crustacean skeletons.'
July 2019

Biodegradable Packaging Made from Crustaceans

'CARAPAC was born out of the University of Sydney’s “Inventing the Future” program, which calls on highly capable graduate students from various disciplines to come together to find solutions to pressing world issues.'
June 2019

Crustacean Solution takes Waste in its Claws

'Food processing plants in Asia and Australia cumulatively produce 8.1 million tons of crustacean waste per year. Carapac has created a packaging material built from the chitin and a cellulose contained in crustacean skeletons as a truly biodegradable alternative to plastic food packaging, the founders say.'
June 2019

New Green Plastic Idea Falls on Fertile Ground

'Combine the minds of a plant pathologist, a chemist and a business student and what do you get? A biodegradable plastic made from seafood waste that improves the quality of soil when buried.The product, developed by three 20-something post-graduate students from the University of Sydney, could be one solution to the growing call to reduce plastic waste — and major retailers including Coles and Woolworths are taking note.'
September 2018