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Carapac is a sustainable, durable and home compostable plastic alternative

We are using our innovative material to make packaging, replacing harmful plastic waste. It works just as well as any traditional (and harmful) plastic to meet your packaging and transport needs; its just environmentally friendly on top of it all.


Made from Crustacean Shell Food Waste

We take prawn, shrimp and crab shells after you are done eating your lovely seafood platter and turn what was once useless waste into sustainable plastic alternative – prawn plastic if you will.

Concept Products:
Fresh Food Packaging Range

We have developed a base range of concept packaging, however we can tailor our products to your personal packaging requirements

Extends Shelf-Life

Carapac’s natural material has embedded anti-fungal properties that prevents mould or fungi from growing on fresh produce. This effectively extends the shelf life of fresh fruit and veggies.

Hate Plastic Waste?

In 2018, over 200 million tons of packaging waste was produced. This is having serious environmental consequences. 

(Click this image for a great article on the plastic problem by National Geographic)

3-6 Weeks Breakdown

There is no need for landfill or recycling. Simply throw used Carapac packaging into your garden, plant pots, home compost or green-bin. Our material will naturally break down in the soil in just 3-6 weeks. This is what sets Carapac apart from other biodegradable materials.

Boosts soil quality

Once Carapac material is in the ground it provides the soil with many nutrients and acts as a slow release nitrogen fertilizer. This makes Carapac the only WASTE NEGATIVE packaging solution

So go ahead, your plants will thank you

Ocean Friendly

Should our packaging end up in the ocean, it will simply dissolve. If swallowed by marine life, it will break down and pass harmlessly. Crustacean shells are eaten all the time in the sea.

Better for the Environment than other Biodegradable Materials

Other biodegradable plastic materials such as PLA and PHA are recyclable and industrially compostable, but many recycling plants do not support these plastics and compost facilities remove them, believing them to be normal plastic. And then they still take about 5 years to break down. If they end up in landfill they can break down into methane which is a Greenhouse Gas.


Q: Is there enough crustacean shell waste?

We predominantly source our crustaceans from frozen food processing plants. They alone produce around 8 million tons of crustacean waste per year. Now thats a lot of prawn shells. Not only that, we can also make our material out of various insects that are being farmed increasingly.

Q: Will people with shellfish allergies have allergic reactions to Carapac's material?

NO. Crustacean shells are made up out of a protein-sugar matrix. People with shellfish allergies react to the protein. We only use the sugar component which is harmless to people with these allergies.

Q: Is your material recyclable?

NO. Our material is HOME COMPOSTABLE so we are making a SUSTAINABLE SINGLE USE packaging solutions. We are making products that replace necessary packaging that actually should not be reused but also make your life easier.

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