Q: Is there really enough crustacean shell food waste to make products at a commercial scale?

YES – we predominantly source our crustaceans from frozen food processing plants. They alone produce around 8 million tons of crustacean waste per year. This amount would easily be able to stock supermarkets around the country! Now thats a lot of prawn shells. Not only that, various insects and mushrooms can also be used to produce Carapac products. 

Q: Will people with shellfish allergies have allergic reactions to Carapac's material?

NO – crustacean shells are made up out of a protein-sugar matrix. People with shellfish allergies react to the protein. We only use the sugar component which is harmless to people with these allergies.

Q: Can I find Carapac products available in stores?!

We are currently finalising our product development and are in conversations with a manufacturer. Pending the current global situation, we will start product trials within the next 3 months and continue to scale our output. Please email/call if you would like further information on around product manufacturing. 

Q: Is your material recyclable?

NO – our material is HOME COMPOSTABLE so we are making a SUSTAINABLE SINGLE USE packaging solution. We are making products that replace necessary packaging that actually should not be reused but also make your life easier.

Feel free to pop us an email or enquiry if you have any more questions.