About Us

We aim to

Change the World of Packaging 


Carapac’s mission is to change the world of packaging. Carapac’s vision is to be the world leading, innovative, sustainable packaging provider that sets the standard for sustainable packaging to rise above greenwashing in the market and effectively prevents millions of tonnes of single use plastic waste being generated. This in turn solves the plastic pollution problem impacting health and natural environments. Carapac is using food waste as input materials to eliminate the food waste problem and associated methane emissions. Carapac has the potential to replace more than 12.5 million tons of plastic waste which is equivalent to half of the global plastic that flows into our oceans each year (the weight of 420,000 humpback whales).

We will always

Do Good Every Step Along the Way 


Carapac was born out of The University of Sydney’s ‘Inventing the Future Program’, which calls on highly-capable graduate students from all disciplines to come together to find solutions to pressing world issues. Cofounders Michelle Demers, Jared Wood and Kimberly Bolton combined their expertise in agriculture, chemical engineering and business, leading them to develop Carapac.


We decided to put our passion and our heads together to tackle the plastic problem, specifically unsustainable packaging in today’s world.


By combining our expertise in chemistry, agriculture and business, the team came up with our best possible solution: CARAPAC – a zero waste, and completely environmentally-friendly solution to packaging from start to finish.


Kimberly Bolton -
Cofounder, CEO & Executive Director

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Kimberly developed a deep respect and appreciation for the environment early on. She became interested in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability early on leading her to study Economics and Environmental Sciences at the University of Cape Town and further a Master in Business Sustainability at The University of Sydney. Everything fell into place when her group won the University’s ‘Inventing the Future Program’, allowing her to create a practical solution for the plastic problem and turn this into a company. Now Co-Founder and CEO at Carapac, Kimberly aims to tackle the plastic problem head on and change the world of packaging with this wonderful product. She hopes generations after her will be able to enjoy the coastal walks and swims she loves so much!