Carapac is a plastic alternative for fresh food packaging that is sustainable, durable and compostable. It works just as well as any traditional plastic to meet your packaging and transport needs; it’s just environmentally friendly on top of it all. 

Our unique material is made from crustacean shell waste. Carapac is completely home compostable at the end of life, making it the only packaging option that is not just waste neutral, but actually waste-negative.

Made from Food Waste

We source our material from crustacean shell waste, of which 8M tons are thrown away every year, from frozen food alone

Extends Shelf Life

The embedded anti-fungal properties of our material further extend the shelf life of fruit and veggies


There is no need for landfill or recycling. Simply throw into your garden, home compost or green-bin.

Boosts Soil Quality

Carapac degrades into a natural fertilizer, providing nutrients and protection to your plants.

Ocean Friendly

Should our packaging end up in the ocean, it will simply dissolve. If swallowed by marine life, it will break down and pass harmlessly. Crustaceans are eaten all the time.

Fresh Produce Packaging Products

Why Carapac?

We designed Carapac to be zero waste circular economy solution. Plastic waste is having a severe damaging impact on our environment and plastic packaging needs to change. Other biodegradable plastic materials such as PLA and PHA are recyclable and industrially compostable, but many recycling plants do not support these plastics and compost facilities remove them, believing them to be normal plastic. And then they still take about 5 years to break down.


Carapac is designed so that it can beneficially biodegrade at the end of its useful life right from your home. You can simply throw your Carapac packaging into your garden, home composter, or green bin and it will simply break down in a matter of weeks. What’s more, Carapac is produced from ingredients that provide nutrients to your plants and increase the quality of the soils they grow in. So go ahead, your plants will thank you.


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